Firenze Winter Park – Teatro ObiHall, Firenze

Florence Winter Park – ObiHall Theater, Florence

The plant consists of a covered “MASTER” main skating rink, measuring 18 meters x 38 meters; and a “RIVER” track, smaller than 10 meters x 20 meters, always covered, designed for children and for those who approach for the first time skating, and on which it will be possible to practice the Ice Stock a sport of the same family of the Curling suitable for adults and children, which does not require the use of skates. All tracks can be booked exclusively for birthdays and private and corporate parties.

The Master track and the River track, provided by INTERCOM DR. LEITNER are entirely covered by two tensile structures, 40 × 20 m. for the Master and 10 × 30 m. for the River, have rounded corners and can also be used in case of rain.

Florence Winter Park - ObiHall Theater, FlorenceAccess to the skating rink is with magnetic cards that the user can purchase by paying a deposit of € 5.00, refundable at the end of the shift or later at any time if you no longer want to use the service of the skating rink. With the card, you can upload one or more shifts, subscription tickets depending on your needs.Once you have purchased the card, you can go to the counter for the delivery of skates, where, after receiving a token for the withdrawal of your number, you can move to a convenient heated exchange area where you can leave your shoes. A guarded and paid wardrobe is available to the public. The entrance to the ice rinks is controlled by a computerized turnstile, which allows access through the passage of the magnetic card. The track is organized in shifts with time slots. The purchase of the ticket entitles you to skate only during a shift.

On the ice rinks will be able to access adults and children even if they have never worn the blades, thanks to the professionalism of masters of the sports club “Il Giglio Bianco” that organizes skating courses better described in the section Skating school. They are available to all penguins or dolphins, real mechanical tutors, which facilitate the use of the track for beginners.

It will be possible to rent the skating rink (during the closing hours to the public) for organized groups, schools or companies, or simply to celebrate your birthday or event, by calling 334.6035780 or writing an email to, or also directly at our facility. Sports shows, skating shows, recreational activities, aggregation and parties are the ingredients chosen by the companies that participate in the creation and management of Florence Winter Park with professionalism and continuous commitment to ensure everyone the full success of the initiatives.

Coop members who present the card at the cash desk on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will not be charged for the rental of skates. For reservations call 334.6035780 or write an email to