Vacanze di San Valentino per gli innamorati

Valentine’s Day holiday for lovers at the I Casalini farmhouse

Spring is coming, you feel in the air, from the perfumes, you see in the nature that begins to awaken, in the flowers that begin to open, everything is magical Valentine’s Day is near is the most beautiful moment for lovers.

Private garden

A dinner for two, food, wine, a special and unique romantic atmosphere all contribute to creating a perfect idyll; in our area we have taverns that offer theme dinners creating a special environment. If you wish you can dine alone in the privacy of your home in front of the fireplace nothing is more romantic. Outside the warmth, the quiet of the countryside and the moon that illuminates the landscape in the evening and reveals the green of the trees and the countryside.

We join our natural limoncello and your holiday will be unique now is the best time your holiday at Easter will be beautiful is the right time to visit the cities of art. Come and visit us from San Valentino and throughout the Easter period.

We offer you our best products because the atmosphere is perfect and unbeatable prices !! We are waiting for you.