passeggiata escursionistica i casalini

Hiking tour in Chianti to visit Agriturismo I Casalini

A hiking tour in Chianti countryside, organized by the “Le vie del Chianti” group, to discover the villas and local traditions.

Hiking tour in Chianti The walking and the discovery of the Casalini

On a warm October afternoon, hikers from the “Le Vie del Chianti” Trekking Group came to visit the I Casalini farmhouse; among them also some members of the Quodlibet Choir and the conductor. Returning from a beautiful hiking walk in the Chianti hills of the Romola, they came to our farmhouse full of history and natural beauty.

Everyone was delighted to visit the Agriturismo I Casalini and, in particular, the ancient garden, a rare example of a vegetable garden that from the Middle Ages and then the Renaissance anticipated a true environmental culture by means of Tuscan art by linking beauty of the gardens to the use of lemon fruit gardens. Our garden is made up of three stone terraces where ancient terracotta pots with organic lemon trees are placed. In addition, to enhance the garden, there are communicating pools fed by a source that flows from the ancient cave adjacent to the larger pool

Hiking tour in Chianti Music and relax in the garden

Inside the cave, a choir musician, Claudia Duranti, played ancient melodies accompanied with the Celtic harp. The delicate and harmonious sound has made the atmosphere even more magical and romantic, already full of emotions for the natural beauty of the place. To accompany the show, the Azienda Agricola I Casalini, offered different types of homemade lemon-based desserts offered together by the delicious limoncello made with special organic lemons from the garden

Hiking tour in Chianti Visit to the farm

To complete the day, the staff of the Agriturismo I Casalini accompanied the group on a guided tour of the company; the visit led people to discover the ancient cellar, the orciaia, the vat, the oven and the accommodation areas. Visitors were involved and interested in our work activities in the company and by the great passion to keep the land and all these ancient treasures.

At sunset, while the first lights came on and the wonderful panorama was tinged with a multitude of shades of warm colors and atmosphere, the group returned to their cars. It was a very special and engaging event and, together with the organizers, we have already spoken to repeat it in the coming months. We are waiting for you at our Farmhouse to learn about the ancient peasant arts and the beauties of Chianti.